Estonia Defense Force

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Estonia Defense Force
Estonia Defense Force

Contract Details:

After an extensive 2 year tender and testing process, the Estonian Defence Forces selected LMT Defense.

A unique MARS-H 7.62 caliber rifle with a piston operating system was developed for this contract.  This new variant, in the 7.62 family of rifles, utilizes LMT’s patented Monolith Rail Platform (MRP). LMT Defense plans to offer the 7.62 piston operated rifles and components.

These EDF rifles include a single position piston setting, a bayonet lug, and a European-style trigger that allows the operator to put the rifle in the safe position when the hammer is un-cocked. Furthermore, shot counters have been installed into a new LMT ergonomic grip.  Additionally, the EDF purchased 40mm grenade launchers.


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