LMT Defense Partners with LMT Advanced Technologies for ION 30 Promotion!

Free Defender lower with ION 30 purchase

As of 8/17/22 LMT Defense will be partnering with sister company LMT Advanced Technologies to promote their new suppressor line, the LMT AT ION 30. This new promotion was developed to ease the sting of purchasing an NFA item and the associated wait times. When a customer buys an LMT AT Ion 30 at the retail price of $899, he or she will be eligible to receive a FREE LMT Defense Defender stripped lower.

The LMT Defender lower, which has been a classic item used on LMT products since the late 90’s, is a mil-spec AR-15 style lower that is marked “Multi-Cal” and can be utilized on a wide variety or carbine, rifle, or pistol builds. At a $179 retail value, the FREE Defender lower which will be immediately available, is sure to help with the unavoidable burden of waiting for your new suppressor to get out of “ATF Jail”.

To qualify for this promotion, the customer will need to send an email to [email protected] with the title “ION Defender” and include their receipt of purchase and serial number of the suppressor. Additionally, the end user will need to state which FFL the suppressor and ultimately the lower, will be transferred through. This program is running through September 30th, 2022. Limited quantities of the new LMT AT ION 30 suppressor are available and customers must act quickly. There is no limit per customer and when supplies are gone, they are gone.

About the LMT AT ION: LMT Advanced Technologies signature multi-caliber suppressor is here. The ION brings to the market a blend of core features that the modern weapon handler values. Great sound reduction, modular configuration, and baffle designs that reduce gas blowback to the shooter and excessive stress on the weapon system, are all products of the in house developed and manufactured technology our suppressor offers. ION 30 uses commercial features like the industry standard base thread and replaceable end caps and combines them with the strength and durability required by military forces worldwide. Designed to exceed US SOCOM endurance test schedule and built with the same core style as our belt fed suppressors, the ION 30 is the best all-around environmental sound suppressor for your next mission.

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