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LMT® has developed numerous innovations over the last 35+ years and, as a result, long-time customers have seen models come and go from our arsenal.  Veterans of our products will remember the Defender 2000.  Released in 2000, this model was the first in the MRP® family and the progenitor of the many customization options you see in our products today.  Historically, LMT® products have held a high price point due to the quality and attention to detail given every rifle.  Members of our team have worked to provide an entry-level rifle for customers new to the LMT® family.

LMT®  built this rifle with its patented Monolithic Rail Platform, the only true monolithic rail platform, milled from a single high-grade aluminum forging. Two locking bolts on the side of the receiver lock the barrel extension in place. MRP® technology engages the barrel extension for a full 360 degrees and allows the barrel to be removed in seconds while minimizing point of impact shift.  One receiver can support numerous barrels of varying length, material, and caliber.


MLC Upper Receiver | Tactical Charging Handle | S-A Bolt Carrier Group | Defender Lower Receiver |

The MLC upper receiver has a 14.5-inch Picatinny top rail.  The remaining 7 sides provide M-LOK compatible attachment points.

Monolithic rail platform barrels use a low profile gas block with straight gas tube; furthermore, they have a proprietary coating and are cryogenically treated for long term durability.

Finally, the lower receiver features a textured grip, M4 style stock, and dry film lubricant coated extension tube.

This weapon system comes with a magazine and owner’s manual.

Only available to Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers.

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