New Sniper Systems in Chile

We are pleased to announce that our customer base has grown yet again within the international special operations community. The Chilean Army BOE, or Special Operations Brigade, has recently taken delivery of their new MARS-H weapon systems. With a primary focus on sniper roles, the MARS-H will be of great value to the teams in country due to its modularity and ability to be configured in mission specific kits.

This marks this first contract in Chile and it just the beginning of a great relationship with the Chilean Army and larger operations in the South American region overall. Special thanks to our in country agent Magnatrade Tech for coordination and facilitation of the contract. Gratitude is also due to German Bovet(Bovet Elite Trace), training coordinator attached to the Chilean Army tender, for providing in country services.

About LMT Defense
LMT Defense (Lewis Machine & Tool Company) is a premiere manufacturer of gas piston AR 15 type, .308 RIFLE,  M203 GRENADE LAUNCHERS, SUPPRESSORS and firearms accessories used throughout the United States and in over 45 countries around the world.  The company was founded in 1980 in Milan, Illinois with the mission of designing and producing the highest quality products for the military and government agencies.  LMT Defense is known for its Monolithic Rail Platform and provides customers with the highest standards in design, engineering and quality assurance across its product lines.  LMT Defense is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has been a GSA supplier since 2005.

The first large scale contract of the MARS-H began in 2019 with the debut of the Estonia piston operated 7.62 NATO system. Prior to that, the MWS had several large scale deployments as the L129A1 with the UK MOD, and again with the NZDF as a DMR.

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