Designed with longevity in mind, this LMT enhanced firing is the perfect accessory for you duty, home defense, or hard use firearm. Originally designed and released for a specific contract utilizing extremely high pressure ammo, the benefits of the strength of this firing pin have made it a favorite among our Law Enforcement customers. The key upgrade over a standard Mil-Spec firing pin, is the use of Maraging steel. Maraging steel is an extremely strong and tough low carbon alloy that is commonly used in aircraft landing gear, rocket motor cases, and apparently the sword Gandalf carried in the Hobbit series of books. Chances of a broken or deformed firing pin that can deadline a weapon system are greatly reduced with the use of the LMP114D.

This firing pin also features an electroless nickel finish. Another noticeable feature is the dished rim on the firing pin head. This is purely a cut to easily identify the pin as a maraging steel pin when covered in carbon.


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