Detachable Carry* Handle Rear Sight




Long before multi-MOA parallax free red dot sights and .1 milrad subtension reticles to help compensate for things like altitude density, expert marksman of the United States Armed Forces had to work hard for that coveted badge. Originally using rear sights that were only windage adjustable, and modularity was a term used for which peep your shooting environment commanded, rifleman learned the fine art of marksmanship the way a father leaves a son stranded on a hill with a manual transmission vehicle, THE HARD WAY.

Fast forward a decade or two and improvements to the M16/M4 family of weapons gained more versatility. Enter the detachable carry* handle rear sight. This sight provides the shooter a solid, accurate platform for iron sight shooting on weapons designed to accommodate sights made for the Mil-std 1913 rail system. This sight features familiar windage and elevation adjustments and large knobs for easy installation on any M4 or M16 type weapon. Made from forged aluminum and hard coat anodized, this carry* handle sight is sure to last generations. Or, at least through the generations that still remember a time when cell phones weren’t allowed at basic training.

*Carry handle sight not to be used as an actual carry handle!



7 ounces


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