Pig Man to join LMT® Team in 2011

Milan, IL (February 24, 2011) – Lewis Machine & Tool, maker and manufacturer of elite military, government, and law enforcement weaponry since 1980, is pleased to announce the marketing expansion of its commercial line with the endorsement of outdoor personality Brian “Pig Man” Quaca.

In his second season as Host and Executive Producer of Leupold’s Pig Man: The Series, Quaca has taken the outdoor television industry by storm with his unique character and personality geared at entertaining hardcore gun enthusiasts who love to watch firepower in action – and there’s no better target than the 1.5-3 million pigs currently residing in the Lone Star State. Notorious for his edginess, Pig Man has teamed up with LMT® to assist in his pig eradication efforts with a personal endorsement of the .308 Modular Weapon System.

With his relentless pursuits broadcasted in soon to be 30+ million homes across the country on the Sportsman Channel, Pig Man is fired up about the prospects of breaking in his new LM308MWS. “Having the opportunity to meet with LMT® and review their product line back in January, I knew straight out the gate that these folks were serious players. These are the weapons residing in the hands of our U.S. men and women on the frontlines across the world, and if it’s dependable and accurate enough to defend our freedom, I’ll have no hesitation dusting a few dozen pigs with it in the field,” said Quaca.

Look for Pig Man with his LMT® .308 Modular Weapon System on the Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, airing Tuesdays at 2:00AM CST, Thursdays at 6:30AM CST, Friday at 11:00PM CST, and Sunday at 12:30PM CST and 9:00PM CST.

“It’s a really simple one for folks to understand – the mutual business model that we share falls right in line with one another – failure is not an option for these weapons and failure is not an option for this series.”