Introducing the 6.8 TVC for MARS-H

LMT is pleased to announce that it is one of a select few brands chosen by True Velocity, to debut the now commercially available 6.8 TVC cartridge. This new cartridge will join a host of cartridges already available for the MARS-H and MWS family of weapon systems. Originally released in 2009, the MWS is the only patented monolithic upper receivers that can quickly change calibers, barrel length, and operation type including the new 7.62 piston variant.

True Velocity is an ammo manufacturer focused on advanced technologies to produce revolutionary composite cartridges that deliver accuracy, reliability, and repeatability in a lightweight package. The composite 6.8 TVC cartridge proves to be a 30% lighter round than conventional 7.62 NATO or 308 Winchester. Additionally, the new 6.8 achieves approximately 3,000 FPS with a 135gr projectile and can maintain single digit deviations. As of Monday Jan 17th, True Velocity has received full SAMMI release of its commercial variant of the 6.8 TVCM, which was developed for their participation in the NGSW and NGSAR programs.

The commercial chamber of the 6.8 TVCM is the latest caliber to be added to LMTs Defense’s offerings on the MARS-H including other calibers like 7.62/308, 260 Remington, and 6.5 Creedmoor. This lightweight package of the 6.8 TVC will surely find a home quickly not only with performance-oriented defense users, but also with sportsmen utilizing the large frame semi-auto platform for large game hunting. The MWS (Monolithic Weapon System) was developed to answer a submission for the UK Ministry of Defense and now serves as the L129A1 DMR. In 2022, LMT Defense now sets its sights on the SOCOM MRGG-A/S program with the updated MARS-H weapon system.


About LMT Defense

LMT Defense (Lewis Machine & Tool Company) is a premiere manufacturer of gas piston AR 15 type, .308 rifle, M203 grenade launchers, Suppressors and firearms accessories used throughout the United States and in over 45 countries around the world.  The company was founded in 1980 in Milan, Illinois with the mission of designing and producing the highest quality products for the military and government agencies.  LMT Defense is known for its Monolithic Rail Platform and provides customers with the highest standards in design, engineering, and quality assurance across its product lines.  LMT Defense is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has been a GSA supplier since 2005.


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